Chenran Jin

Software Development Engineer

I am a Software Engineer at Plymouth Rock Assurance, where I use Java, Spring, and AWS to implement system multi-request processing and business logic. I graduated from University at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Arts in Computational and Applied Mathematics, which gives me a solid foundation for solving complex problems and applying data analysis techniques.

In my previous roles, I have developed web applications, data synchronization features, and database connectivity solutions using various technologies such as Spring boot, Maven, PHP, AWS Lambda, DevOps, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JDBC, and etc. I have also collaborated with contractors, team members, and clients to ensure high-quality deliverables and positive outcomes. I am passionate about learning new skills and tools, and I am eager to contribute to the innovation and growth of the organization. I believe I can bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the team, as I have worked in different industries and cultures, such as media, grocery, and IT.


Plymouth Rock Assurance Corp.
Full Stack Java Software Engineer
Mar 2022 - Current
  • Designed and implemented a new feature used Spring with builder pattern and map file from MyBatis to streamline auto insurance purchase flow and more discount by fetching user’s driving behavior from phone and prefilled the certain information to database.
  • Tracked progress and defects reported by quality analyst team from Jira, and used Jenkins deployed the code maintained from SVN.
  • Saved at least 5 minutes for each customer to issue a new auto insurance policy and streamline test flow for quality analyst team.
  • Individually maintaining company-wide policies and claims auto-process workflow using VBScript and Python. The workflow including index claims and policies, fetch the policy report and user proof letter from email, and receive medical bill from the third-part vendor.
  • Communicate with business team, translate the business requirement to technical tasks, and wrote development documentation.
  • Optimized agents’ labor work by using auto-process by ~25% and simplified workflow by reduced around 10 steps from ImageRight.
  • Troubleshooted and steered motorcycle policy purchasing site based on Spring/Maven. Used Java 8 features such as lambda expression, stream API, functional interface and Junit to meet project manager’s new requirement and defect tickets.
  • Re-architected and installed all team services logs to Elastic Cloud Kibana by modify the servers and modifying the SLF4J logback.
  • Overhauled 2 motorcycle classes unit and integrated tests with team members. Saved time than test by building the whole project.
  • Optimized email notification and message notification for policy purchase follow up with Python 3 and installed them to AWS Lambda.
  • Conducted code reviews for fellow developers, providing constructive feedback on code quality, best practices, and design patterns.
  • Proactively updated 20+ dependencies in the Maven pom.xml file, addressing compatibility issues and ensuring up-to-date libraries.
  • Responded to a Nexus IQ security assessment by identifying and rectifying 7 critical vulnerabilities in the application's dependencies.

Ren’s Mart, LLC.
Backend Software Engineer
Sep 2020 - Mar 2022
  • Involved in various phases of SDLC such as requirement gathering, modeling, analysis, designing, development, and testing to implement the feature that synchronizes over 28,000 inventories between the original data from SAP business One to Shopify ERP.
  • Used a self-hosted server group used ASW EC2 for hosting, S3 for front-end files, CloudFront for CDN with Elastic Load balancer.
  • The entire service saves two employees the duplication of work that needs to be manually synced the transactions every day.
  • Designed and implemented a new pick and pack feature used Spring Boot, and applied Java design pattern such as factory, builder, singleton, and OOP concept to solve the inventory conflict between online order from Shopify and retail or wholesale department.
  • Maintained a new database that can quickly fetch the inventory pickup status to keep the items information up to date every day.
  • Worked with third-party contractor and implemented a membership system based on Shopify and linked to SAP business one ERP.
  • Deployed the new service and systems in 4 grocery stores located in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Cornell successfully.
  • Integrated Google Maps API with the frontend to provide real-time store tracking on the customer portal, enhancing user experience.

B.O. Tech, LLC.
Java Software Engineer Intern
Jul 2018 - Aug 2018
  • Developed components and services used Spring Boot with Spring MVC, Restful API and access database using MySQL by creating XML mapper for local court office automation system such as timecard management, leave approvement, document signature, etc.
  • Draft documentation with team member using the VuePress and markdown. Used Git and Gitlab to manage the code repository.
  • Deployed main components in clients self-hosted RHEL server and hosted some notification service at Alibaba Function Compute.
  • Collaborated with the UI team to develop a responsive frontend using HTML/CSS/JavaScript to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • By the end of the internship, deployed OA components to two courts and positive feedback from customers has been obtained.


MUNCS (Model United Nations Compositive Solution)
Technical Director
May 2014 - Current
Non-profit group in China

  • Built and maintained the official website with a team member.
  • Created OAuth 2.0 RESTful web service API to provide data accessibility.
  • Used LAMP to build a social network for the Model UN with over 300 peak CCU.
  • Rewrote a conference management system based on Spring. The system was based on the LNMP framework for over 2,000 individuals and school-wide conferences.

APAPA (Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association)
Board Member & Full Stack Software Engineer
April 2023 - Current
501(c)(3) GBNR

  • Designing and developing the chapter website using React, MySQL, with HTML.CSS and JS.

CCWNY (Chinese Club of Western New York)
Full Stack Software Engineer
Jan 2021 - April 2023
501(c)(3)   Non-profit org

  • Developed web portal for membership (500+ users) to manage subscription with PHP.
  • Developed digital membership card suing Apple Passkit to help the CCWNY manage and update members’ info for events.

American Guide Dog Foundation
Guide Dog Raiser
501(c)(3)  Non-profit org
  • Facilitated up to 20 potential guide dogs to varous training grounds to help them get acquainted with the outside environment.
  • Administered weekly training and practice sessions with potential guide dogs in order to teach them basic obedience commands.
  • Oversaw the care and training of a newborn puppy to interact with people easily.

UB Hacking
A event of University at Buffalo
University Activity
  • Kept facilities organized, clean and well-maintained to best meet program needs.
  • Improved operations by assisting with various entry-level tasks, saving baluable time for busy staff.
  • Welcomed students and answering questions to provide excellent customer service.